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Ocean In Focus 2012/13

Fifth Annual Conservation Photography Contest

Win a Trip to the Galapagos Islands!

Terry Goss

Take a Virtual Trip to the Galapagos with Last Year's Winner!

Terry Goss, Grand-Prize Winner of the 2011 Ocean in Focus contest, recently enjoyed his prize: an expedition for two aboard the National Geographic Endeavour for a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands! Re-live Terry’s adventure and keep up with exciting contest news on Twitter @SeaWeb_org or on SeaWeb’s facebook page. Check out Terry's Daily Expedition Report video from Lindblad Expeditions. There's a surprise ending!
Photo: Robert Boehm, 2008

Ocean in Focus 2012 is Sponsored by

Lindblad Expeditions
SeaWeb's Marine Photobank and Lindblad Expeditions are teaming up once again to deliver a truly unique ocean photography contest highlighting photographers who dig deeper for the story behind the image. We continue to focus on human impacts on ocean environments and species, both positive and negative, and the ultimate mission of the MPB: to advance ocean conservation through imagery.

However, this year, we are going beyond highlighting a few great photographs—we are recognizing the power of stories told through imagery and the important role  the photographers who make them play in ocean conservation. We are awarding our top prize to a visual storyteller with a keen eye for narrative.

This contest calls on photographers of all skill levels to compete and donate photos illustrating the many human impacts on marine life and marine ecosystems as well as ways in which people are working to turn the tide on ocean degradation.

Read the full press release announcing contest details.


The contest will feature two phases:

Phase 1 – Photo Contest: Each photographer may submit, via the Marine Photobank website, up to 10 images for entry in the contest. See submission guidelines for details or register for contributor membership if you are not already registered. Images will be assessed by a panel of expert judges and evaluated for image quality, uniqueness, clarity of issue illustrated, and whether or not they successfully convey a story as a stand-alone image. Six individuals will be selected as finalists, and they will qualify to enter the grand prize photo essay competition and a chance to win an expedition for two aboard the National Geographic Endeavour for a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands!

Finalists will all receive a copy of Callum Roberts’ critically acclaimed book, The Ocean of Life. The photographer of the best overall individual image, as determined by our panel of judges, will also win a Solio Classic Solar Hybrid Charger, donated by Q-Cells.

Phase 2 – Photo Essay Contest: Finalists will then have 30 days to submit 3 to 4 images that tell an ocean conservation story. Images should either be from the same day/event or feature the same issue across time and should be the primary vehicle for the story. Finalists will write 400-600 words describing the topic illustrated in the images. Judges will select one grand-prize winner from these finalists. An interview with the winner will be featured on our websites and the winner will earn a Lindblad Expeditions trip to the Galapagos Islands. See prize details >>

All photos contributed to the Marine Photobank are available for download for non-commercial use by our membership of teachers, students, researchers, conservationists, scientists and others as well as print and Web journalists under specified media usage terms. Help us raise ocean awareness with your photography today.

Prize-winning photos from past Ocean in Focus contests:

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Photo Contest Press Highlights:

Huffington Post
Sportdiver UK
Fish Information & Services
X-Ray Magazine

Watch Terry Goss, 2011 grand prize winner, explore the Galapagos Islands>>

Lindblad Expeditions Daily Expedition Report

Submitting Images to the Marine Photobank:

Register on the Marine Photobank (It’s Free!)

1. Login to the Marine Photobank (if you are not a Contributor Member, update your membership status). If you do not have an account, register here as a Contributor Member.

2. Once you are logged in you may contribute photos.

3. If you are a new member, please be patient while we review your application. Once you receive a membership acceptance e-mail, you may upload your photos.

Attention Registered Contributors

Please be sure to login to your account and confirm that we have an up-to-date e-mail address on record. If you win, we will need to contact you!

Read the RULES

Upload Your Photos
We cannot guarantee that your image will be entered into the contest if you have not properly labeled and provided detailed information with your photo. See below for details. Images should be uploaded at the highest available resolution, but must be under 5MB each.

1) Label Your Photos. REMEMBER: Limit 10 photos per photographer.

To help us keep organized, please label your photos, either in the file name OR the Title field of the upload page (please be consistent) with the word “Contest 1.” Label subsequent entries as numbers 2,3,4 and so on up to 10. (i.e. Contest 1, Contest 2, Contest 3, etc.)

We never get tired of seeing your photos, so please feel free to donate more than 10 photos, but be sure to label which photos you wish to enter into the contest.

2) Photographer Name and Credit.

It is essential that you include your name on the upload page. You may not submit photos for other people. Anyone who would like to compete in the contest must open their own account for contact purposes.

3) Select the Photo Contest 2012 Gallery.

After you have filled out the information fields on the photo upload page, select the gallery Photo Contest 2012. You may also select other appropriate galleries in which you think the photos belong.

4) Be thorough and include detail. The photo is only as good as what you have to tell us about it.

Be sure to include a description of the image as well as any interesting information about what it took to get the shot, what marine issue is being addressed in the photo, etc. Information we recommend you include:

  • Who took the photo?
  • Where was the photo taken?
  • What ocean issue does this concern?
  • Why does this matter to you?

Then submit the photo.

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Contest Rules:

1. Photographers can enter a maximum of 10 photos into the contest. If submitting multiple photos of the same subject, please be sure to submit your best photos from the series and be sure they tell a compelling story. (The remainder can be submitted to the Marine Photobank cause rather than the contest.)

2. Photos will not be accepted in which animals, plants or objects have been staged (with the exception of collected trash or marine debris).

3. By submitting your photos, you are stating that no species were harassed or harmed nor were ecosystems disturbed or damaged in the process of obtaining your photo. Violators of this rule will not be entered in this or future competitions.

4. Images cannot be digitally manipulated, aside from basic changes such as light levels, etc.

5. Submissions will be accepted from professional and amateur photographers. In order to submit your photos, visit the Marine Photobank registration page.

6. All photos submitted will be subject to the Marine Photobank image usage terms. Therefore, once the contest is complete, images will be available to a global network of researchers, educators, students, conservationists and concerned citizens to use for non-commercial, conservation purposes. Media use is allowed under terms specified by the photographer in the copyright statement.

7. Current Marine Photobank photographers are eligible to submit images if the image is not already in the collection (images donated in 2012 are eligible).

8. Photo entries from SeaWeb and Lindblad Expeditions staff will not be accepted.

9. Any images contributed to the Marine Photobank in 2012 are eligible for the contest. Please email marinephotobank@seaweb.org, subject line "I Want to Compete," if you submitted an image earlier in the year and would like for it to compete in the contest.

10. The submission deadline is Thursday, January 31, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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Contest Prizes:

We would like to say a heart felt THANK YOU to our generous prize donors for their in-kind donations to this effort. Each of them recognizes the power of visual communication to affect change around the way we interact with the ocean and we ask that you visit their websites and learn more about these great prize donors. This contest would not be possible without their support.

Lindblad Expeditions has graciously donated an expedition for two persons in one Category 1 cabin aboard the National Geographic Endeavour for a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands!    More Details >>

TERMS AND RESTRICTIONS: One category 1 cabin for two for a departure by November 1, 2013. Final departure date based upon availability by Lindblad Expeditions and subject to holiday and blackout periods. Confirmation is given 45 days prior to sailing. Donation does not include air transportation; baggage, accident, or cancellation insurance; items of a personal nature, such as alcoholic beverages, gift shop, etc.; passport expenses; extension; gratuities to ship's crew at traveler's discretion.

Finalists will win:
a copy of Callum Roberts’ critically acclaimed book, The Ocean of Life. The Photographer of the image voted best overall will also win a Solio Classic Solar Hybrid Charger, donated by Q-Cells.

All participants who submit images deemed appropriate and relevant to the mission and purpose of this contest will receive a $125 photo credit to be redeemed on any Lindblad Expeditions adventure.

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Thank You to Our Prize Donors!

Lindblad Expeditions  
Lindblad Expeditions  
Q-Cells Callum Roberts' The Ocean of Life

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